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AT&T, serving over 81 million wireless customers


Did you know that our AT&T teams invented the computer modem? A modem is hardware that translates digital signals into analog, and analog into digital. Basically, they make your 📱and 💻 work together. Here, a Southwestern Bell Engineer is working on a rack of modems at NASA space center in Houston in 1974. #ATTArchives
With traditional volunteering opportunities on hold, employees like Alexander keep finding ways to make a difference. Like this project with Girls Inc. putting together STEM kits aimed at getting girls excited about math and science. Keep up the amazing work, Alexander! #ATTBelieves
Stream easy! 😎 We’ve got fast, reliable and secure #ATT5G. Not sure how to get 5G or what's included? Let our expert, Ecko, share the deets. ☝️ More questions? Ready to get 5G? Head on over to
Reason #24 to switch, add a line or upgrade: Your kid’s tablet is twice as old as they are. Check out our latest devices, including the Apple iPad 8th Gen. Plus, with Unlimited Your Way, you can pick the perfect Unlimited Wireless Plan for each family member on your account!
Goodies for kids, and adults too! 🖍🎨 After members of our Employee Group, LEAGUE, raised money for the Ronald McDonald house, members purchased, assembled, and delivered supplies to the organization. Here is Clint, president of his local Kansas City LEAGUE chapter, and the thoughtful items they delivered. A big thank you to this crew! #LifeAtATT
Reason #27 to switch, add a line or upgrade: Your babies aren’t babies anymore. 😭 The new Unlimited Your Way allows you to choose the perfect Unlimited Wireless Plan for each family member on your account. Learn more at
Building piñatas with her family has always been Rocio’s favorite way to spend her cumpleaños (birthday) and #HispanicHeritageMonth. The labor of love exemplifies family togetherness and evokes fond memories of her childhood. Check out Mom Duty Blog for more!
Reason #33 to switch, add a line or upgrade: Your battery life is shorter than your patience. 🔋⚰️ Check out our wide variety of 5G devices with access to our nationwide #ATT5G.


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AT&T Store
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