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For over 30 years, DryHome Roofing & Siding, Inc. has been providing homeowners and businesses in the Northern Virginia area with quality work while promoting an honest and reliable service.


New 5.0-star Review: "DryHome recently installed new gutters and guards. Roberto came out and did a full inspection and provided a very reasonable quote. The crew came out within a week - install was seamless and the cleanup was impeccable!! 10/10 would recommend and will use again. Thank you DryHome!!!"
New 5.0-star Review: "It was a great experience working with DryHome. They were very professional, on time, my estimate was very thorough and the work was done in a timely manner. Just felt like they really appreciated my business and I will absolutely use them again in the future."
New 5.0-star Review: "Professional, honest and community focused. They do great work. Highly recommend!"
Increase Natural Lighting For a Safer Home. Experts agree that better lighting is one of the easiest ways to make our homes safer as we age. Getting rid of dark spaces reduces fall risk and https://www.dryhome.com/should-i-move-or-improve/#increase-natural-lighting-for-a-safer-home
How Can I Improve My Home for Successful Aging in Place? Creating a maintenance-free home is another essential component of successful aging in place. This means upgrading exterior elements for ease of care. Here are some tips for going maintenance-free: https://www.dryhome.com/should-i-move-or-improve/#how-can-i-improve-my-home-for-successful-aging-in-place
New 5.0-star Review: "Both of our old plexiglass skylights leaked and needed to be replaced. The new glass skylights look great and I no longer worry every time it rains. The roofing work around the skylights looks perfect too."
Home Inspections and My Roof. There are plenty of top-notch home inspection companies that will give you a sound assessment of a prospective home. Sometimes that includes roof inspection. But these skilled professionals don’t always have the training to provide you with an accurate picture of the roof. https://www.dryhome.com/home-inspections-and-my-roof/
New 5.0-star Review: "Did excellent work, roof looks great and is working well."
Can a Regular Home Inspector Check My Roof? There are plenty of top-notch home inspection companies that will give you a sound assessment of a prospective home. Sometimes that includes roof inspection. But these skilled professionals don’t always have the training https://www.dryhome.com/home-inspections-and-my-roof/#can-a-regular-home-inspector-check-my-roof
New 5.0-star Review: "Dryhome kept me informed and they were here when they said they would be here. Honest reliable company"
New 5.0-star Review: "Outstanding work and professionalism. Strongly recommended. A++++"
New 5.0-star Review: "Dryhome is amazing. They were prompt,professional and did a high quality job. They replaced the siding on my home with a solid product quickly and efficiently. The staff was great to work with and they helped me maximize my insurance recovery. I choose Dryhome after vetting seven companies and am 100% happy with my choice. Happy to confidently recommend them."
What Are the Unique Issues a Roof Inspection Covers? Your roof is one of the most important and complex features of your home. It’s also one of the most expensive to fix or replace. A detailed inspection should cover everything from significant structural issues to small details: https://www.dryhome.com/home-inspections-and-my-roof/#what-are-the-unique-issues-a-roof-inspection-covers
New 5.0-star Review: ""
What Do I Need to Know About Home Inspections Before I Buy? According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, the standard inspection report covers the following: https://www.dryhome.com/home-inspections-and-my-roof/#what-do-i-need-to-know-about-home-inspections-before-i-buy
New 5.0-star Review: "We needed a roof quickly and DryHome made every effort to schedule us right away. Then when they finished another job early, they used the extra time to do our roof! Couldn't be happier! Great job too! I have a roof I know will last and will never leak! Thanks to everyone at DryHome."
New 5.0-star Review: ""
HOA Covenants and My Roof. When you move into a community with an HOA, you agree to that community’s covenants, conditions and restrictions. Many of these... https://www.dryhome.com/does-roof-replacement-require-hoa-approval/#hoa-covenants-and-my-roof
New 5.0-star Review: "I was very impressed with the quality of service from both the crew as well as the management. I am very happy with my choice to use DryHome Roofing and Siding. I highly recommend them."
Does Roof Replacement Require HOA Approval? HOA covenants usually include specific rules about the materials, color, and shape of a new roof. Here are a few steps you can take when planning a roof replacement to make the process more efficient: https://www.dryhome.com/does-roof-replacement-require-hoa-approval/
How Can I Get What I Want and Make My HOA Happy? If you’re planning an upgrade on your own, remember that following HOA guidelines doesn’t mean you don’t have choices. You can still get a look you love within the confines of your HOA covenants https://www.dryhome.com/does-roof-replacement-require-hoa-approval/#how-can-i-get-what-i-want-and-make-my-hoa-happy
New 5.0-star Review: "Very satisfied with their work. Working with Benny from start to finish was excellent. He was professional, knowledgeable , and courteous. His crew was punctual and professional. Thank you for a job well done!"
New 5.0-star Review: "The company did a wonderful job for me. The workers and inspectors were very courteous and helpful. I have had many people commenting on how good it looks. I'm very glad I chose them to do the installation."
What Are Some Tips for HOA Compliance That Also Add Value to My Home? If your HOA requires you to make an upgrade, it’s not always a negative. While a roof or siding replacement can be costly, it can be a chance to add value to your home. Here are some upgrades that can offer a terrific return on investment. https://www.dryhome.com/does-roof-replacement-require-hoa-approval/#what-are-some-tips-for-hoa-compliance-that-also-add-value-to-my-home


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