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Eastwind Movers is local & family owned and operated since 1985. Owned and operated exclusively by Mark and Genoa Allen. Eastwind Movers was incorporated in Leesburg, VA in 1985. We have chosen to remain a small company so we can provide our customers with the most dedicated one-at-a-time service. With over 30 years’ experience in customer relations, Genoa manages the office end of the business while Mark, working as a local mover for many years, heads the moving crew. Over 95% of our jobs have full time owner participation. Accumulated damages average less than $2.00 per move since 1985. We have no unresolved claims. The majority of our moves are repeat customers or referrals. We employ full time, professionally trained movers and packers. We have a virtually damage free record. Our full sized furniture van is equipped with plenty of pads and also labor and time saving equipment. References available upon request.


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If you or someone you know is moving this coming year, give us a call for a free estimate. 703 777 7333
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It’s important to remember that just because a life event has the potential to cause stress doesn’t mean there’s no way around it. If you want a less stressful move, it’s critical to plan what needs to happen and get started well in advance of the big day.
When considering an office move, you must determine what you need to find in the new space: How long might you plan to stay? Will you lease or buy?
Fake moving companies will sometimes list an empty lot as a storefront, so use the street view option on Google maps or visit the physical address.
If you have any large or awkwardly shaped or sized non-furniture items, let us know ahead of time. That way, we’ll be sure to bring the right type of packaging materials for your individual belongings.
Trying to decide between moving yourself and hiring a moving company? Make sure to ask yourself how much your time is worth. The professionals at a moving company can take care of the move much faster than you could on your own.
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When you're contemplating a move we'll do all the heavy lifting, but you should still make packing a priority. Back up all of your computer files and store backup servers, disks or other media in a separate, secure location.
Have you ever moved, gone to find a kitchen appliance or your bath towels, and forgotten what box you put them in? Try color-coding your boxes. Apply colored stickers on the box, and assign each color to a room in the house.
As each section is packed away for a move, we provide identification labels that indicate what is in each container and where the container will be located. You will also be able to include any special instructions on the label if they are needed.
If you want to have movers move your stuff, but would rather pack it yourself, this is called a "hybrid move." The advantage is that you can feel responsible for making sure everything gets packed, but then not have to worry about loading it up and driving it.
During an office relocation, it’s critical that you keep any security procedures in place in order to protect confidential information. A professional office moving company can help you keep your records intact and minimize your liability.


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