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Tax Defense Network is a national tax debt resolution company that assists individuals and small business owners by providing affordable solutions for their tax problems. Since 2007, we've consulted on more than $18 billion in tax debt and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We employ hundreds of licensed tax professionals across the United States, so we can provide assistance no matter where you live. If you need help with a tax issue (federal or state), call us today for a free consultation.


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  • Offer in Compromise
  • Tax Preparation
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Tax Lien Resolution
  • Customized IRS Resolution Plans
  • IRS Appeals
  • Tax Settlements
  • IRS Fresh Start Initiative
  • Innocent Spouse Relief


#TaxTipTuesday: Sewing #masks to keep busy during the pandemic? If you sell them or earn money from any other #hobby, you must claim it as "other income" on your taxes, no matter how little you make. And, unlike a business, you can't deduct any of your expenses.
Nearly two out of every three new jobs in America is created by small businesses. Now, more than ever, they need your support. #ShopLocal #SmallBusinessWeek
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Renegotiating your loan repayment with lenders can help avoid bankruptcy and give you some much-needed breathing space. #SmallBizTips FORBES.COM Council Post: Four Tips For Restructuring Your Company's Debt During The Pandemic
Getting a #divorce? Check out the 8 #tax areas you should review in this article from Accounting Today.
#TestimonialThursday - Remember, you don't have to face the #IRS alone. We'll fight for you! 💪 🥊
Our October Employee of the Month is Taj McQueen! Taj is a Help Desk technician and consistently shows his very strong work ethic getting through his assigned tickets quickly. He is great to work with and gets along with everyone. His ability to quickly adjust and be flexible has certainly helped during these uncertain times. Thanks, Taj for all the hard work! #EOTM
Are you still handling your company's financials? You could be stress-free if you let us do the work for you! #Bookkeeping #SmallBizHelp
If you filed your tax return by mail and are still waiting on a refund, it may be among the 2+ million the IRS hasn't processed yet. MARKETWATCH.COM The IRS says it still hasn’t opened more than 2 million returns this tax season
Do you have a tax issue that's weighing on your shoulders? Put it on ours. We're happy to carry that burden for you. #TestimonialThursday
If you're not required to file taxes and haven't yet received a stimulus check, you have an additional 5 weeks to register online. TAXDEFENSENETWORK.COM Non-Filer Economic Impact Payment Deadline Extended - Tax Defense Network
Did you request a filing extension? You only have 8 days left to submit your return! #TaxTips #FilingExtension TAXDEFENSENETWORK.COM October 15 Tax Extension Deadline: 5 Helpful Tips - Tax Defense Network
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Today is #MakeADifference Day and we want to give a shout out to our cornerstone charity Hunger Fight. Every $11 donation to this organization provides meals for 2 children and a book for 1 preschooler. Please consider making a donation today! HUNGERFIGHT.ORG Hunger Fight | Providing nutritious meals to children and families.
Do you sell online? Make sure you are staying compliant with our SalesNexusSolver program. #SalesTax #SalesTaxNexus TAXDEFENSENETWORK.COM Sales Tax Nexus - Tax Defense Network
Want to find out if we can get your tax debt reduced? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today! #TestimonialThursday
States are likely to increase the number of sales tax audits this year to help make up for lost revenues. Don't get caught off-guard! #SalesTaxAudit #TaxTips #SmallBizHelp TAXDEFENSENETWORK.COM How to Prepare for a Sales Tax Audit - Tax Defense Network
If you received a notice (CP48) from the #IRS, don't procrastinate. Renew ASAP! #TaxTipTuesday
Whether you need help with your business or tackling your tax debt, today is the perfect day to start your journey! #MotivationalMonday
If you've had a foreclosure, short sale, or credit card debt settled for less than you owe, you could owe taxes on the canceled debt. FORBES.COM Cancellation Of Debt: What To Know About Taxes When You Can’t Pay Your Bills
Give us a call today and protect your hard-earned paycheck! #WageGarnishment #TaxHelp #TaxRelief
We❤️our customers! If you need help with a state or federal tax issue, give us a call. #TestimonialThursday
Working from home and wondering if you can take the home office deduction? Here's everything you need to know. #HomeOfficeDeduction #TaxTips TAXDEFENSENETWORK.COM Home Office Deduction: An Easy Guide - Tax Defense Network
FYI, you'll pay taxes on any funds still in your FSA account on December 31. Be sure to schedule those last-minute medical exams now. #TaxTipTuesday
If the old way of doing things isn't working for you, time to shake things up! #NewChoices #NewYear #MotivationalMonday
Still haven't received your W-2? Follow these tips to ensure you have what you need to file your taxes. #FormW2 #TaxFiling #TaxTips TAXDEFENSENETWORK.COM What to Do If You Didn't Get Your W-2 - Tax Defense Network
#SundayShoutOut to Drew for always being there for our clients - even when it's outside of your scheduled time. When we say our employees go above and beyond, we really mean it!
Wondering if you may be able to reduce or eliminate your tax debt? Try our new Offer in Compromise Calculator to see if you're eligible.
Even if you've filed on your own in the past, we strongly encourage you to work with a tax professional when preparing your 2020 tax returns. CNBC.COM Do you file your taxes by yourself? Here's why you might want extra help preparing them this year
So happy we could help Nancy restructure her existing agreement. If your financial situation has changed, give us a call. There could be new tax relief options available to you! #TestimonialThursday


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Tax Defense Network
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  • What is the phone number for Tax Defense Network in Ashburn VA?
    You can reach them at: 571-222-5723. It’s best to call Tax Defense Network during business hours.
  • What is the address for Tax Defense Network on lakeview center plaza in Ashburn?
    Tax Defense Network is located at this address: 20130 Lakeview Center Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147.
  • What are Tax Defense Network(Ashburn, VA) store hours?
    Tax Defense Network store hours are as follows: Mon-Sat: 8:00AM - 9:00PM, Sun: Closed.