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4322 Harding Pike
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At uBreakiFix Belle Meade in the West Nashville, West End area we specialize in electronics repair including: cell phone repair, screen repair, game consoles, tablets, and computers. Whether you need an Apple iPhone Repair, Samsung Galaxy Repair, Google Pixel Repair, iPad Repair, or Computer Repair, we can help.

All of our repairs take place in-store and can usually be completed in about an hour. By choosing uBreakiFix Belle Meade West Nashville, customers are guaranteed that their device will receive a high-quality repair and fast service, for a lower price than anywhere else. With hundreds of stores across North America and millions of devices repaired to date, uBreakiFix is the undisputed leader in the repair industry.


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  • Computer Repair
  • Game Console Repair
  • iPad Repair
  • iPhone Repair
  • iPod Repair
  • Smartphone Repair
  • Tablet Repair


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Stuck in an endless buffering loop with tech that just wont work? Let us help you with that.
Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, Mystery Inc., uBreakiFix Techs. You can laugh, but we think that our techs rank up there with the best mystery solvers. We may not be able to recover stolen jewels or catch monsters, but when it comes to figuring out what’s wrong with your favorite devices, we’re the best.
With modern smartphone cameras, you don’t have to have complicated and expensive camera equipment to take great pictures anymore. If a broken phone threatens your perfect shot, we can help.
Struggling with a slow computer or laptop? Bring your sluggish laptop or computer to your local uBreakiFix for a free computer checkup and 10% off a memory upgrade! We'll assess your computer and help get it back up to speed.
We want to help you recycle your old and unwanted tech! Just bring your old smartphones, tablets, computers and more to your local uBreakiFix and we’ll handle the rest. For the full list of devices that we can recycle and for more details, follow the link in our bio.
Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your favorite devices!
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With some hindsight on 2020, we want to thank you for letting us assist you during a difficult year. Whatever 2021 holds for you and your devices, we’re here to help.
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  • What is the phone number for uBreakiFix in Nashville TN?
    You can reach them at: 615-266-4349. It’s best to call uBreakiFix during business hours.
  • What is the address for uBreakiFix on harding pike in Nashville?
    uBreakiFix is located at this address: 4322 Harding Pike Nashville, TN 37205.
  • What are uBreakiFix(Nashville, TN) store hours?
    uBreakiFix store hours are as follows: Mon-Sat: 10:00AM - 7:00PM, Sun: 12:00PM - 5:00PM.