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Not all rotator cuff tears require surgery. Learn here what the other options are... Torn Rotator Cuff Treatment: Nonoperative Care - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. http://bit.ly/38JDymM #RotatorCuffTear #ShoulderPain
Fortunately impingement surgery is rare. But on occasion it is needed if your impingement syndrome doesn't resolve with other treatments. Read this post and watch this video to learn all about this type of surgery... http://bit.ly/2Srvqli
If you need ACL surgery, there are options for grafts. Watch this episode of The Two Boneheads video series and learn more about what they are.... http://bit.ly/2ONIPBZ
We are over diagnosed and over treated. This has led to unnecessary complications and an explosion in healthcare costs. Sometimes more care is a good thing but often less is more. Watch this Two Boneheads video discussion to hear why... http://bit.ly/3blzmvv
Knee cap instability is a common source of knee dysfunction and occasionally pain. Learn more about patellar instability in this post... Patellar Instability - Anatomy and Causes - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. http://bit.ly/2SoXXGQ
Recovering from an injury or surgery takes more than rest and time. It take hard work and a never give up attitude. Read and watch here to learn why that is and what you can do to make sure that you are doing all you can to succeed... Resilience And Sports Medicine (Video) http://bit.ly/2S837In JEFFREYBERGMD.COM Resilience And Your Sports Medicine Recovery (Video) - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D.
Many saw Dallas Cowboy QB, Dak Prescott go down with an ankle fracture this past weekend. Unfortunately, his injury required surgery. Read here to learn more about why, when, and how this type of surgery is performed. JEFFREYBERGMD.COM What Ankle Fracture Treatment Is Right For You? - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D.
Can you get COVID-19 twice? It looks that way... USATODAY.COM Nevada man's COVID-19 reinfection, the first in the US, is 'yellow caution light' about risk of coronavirus
Subchondroplasty is a surgical treatment to treat some patients with arthritis. Read this post to see if it could be helpful for you. #Arthritis #KneeArthritis #ShoulderArthritis #AnkleArthritis
Physical therapy after ACL surgery is important. Different therapists may have different views on what is most important. These therapists discuss what they find most important. Read this post to learn what they think... http://bit.ly/2Vt92Kl
Single sports specialization is becoming the norm. You may have even succumbed to the pressures and your kids may be "specializing" in one sport themselves. It's understandable because the pressures are great...But so are the risks. Watch this Two Boneheads video to learn why... http://bit.ly/2Teiu1w
Shoulder arthritis often causes pain and stiffness. In this post, learn what it is and why it occurs... http://bit.ly/2VjSi8m
A Baker's Cyst is a bump in the back of your knee. Read this post to find out if there's anything you need to do about it... I Have A Baker's Cyst: Should I Worry? - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. https://bit.ly/35gn9pd
Recovery after rotator cuff repair is difficult. Physical therapy and a good therapist is critical to a successful outcome. Read as these Physical Therapists discuss what they find most important during your postop course... https://bit.ly/3bJvpR0
MCL sprains are very common knee injuries. Read this post and watch The Two Boneheads discuss them... Two Boneheads Video Series: MCL Sprain - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. https://bit.ly/2y1obJl
Meniscus tears often cause knee pain. Frequently they require surgery. There are different types of surgery for different types of tears. To learn more about the options, read this post and watch this video... Torn Meniscus Surgery (Video) - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. https://bit.ly/2S6QoW1
Arthritis is an extremely common cause of joint pain. It is particularly common as we age but can occur at any age and from many different causes. Learn what arthritis is and what it feels like in this post... https://bit.ly/2xMi77q
Why do you need ACL surgery and when should you have it? Read this post, the first of two in this series on ACL surgery, to get the answers. Torn ACL Surgery (Part 1): Why and When? - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. http://bit.ly/33hyHr7
Achilles tendon ruptures cause some very classic symptoms. Here they are... Achilles Tendon Rupture Symptoms - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. https://bit.ly/3eNgeb9
Everyone has experienced pain. No one likes it. But is pain always bad? At times it can actually be helpful or signal progress. Read here to see what I mean... https://bit.ly/3nqhJ2d
Shoulder arthritis can be painful. There are treatments that can help. Read this post to learn more... https://bit.ly/31tM1tU
Anterior knee pain is the most common knee problem. It is usually do to overuse and almost always can be treated without surgery.... Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: Why The Front Of My Knee Hurts - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. https://bit.ly/31pqz9l
Meniscal tears are a very common source of knee pain. Bucket handle meniscal tears are a unique type of tear. These types pf tears almost always require surgery. Learn more about these tears in this post and watch the included video to see how meniscal surgery id performed... https://bit.ly/3eOJvSs
How do you know when you have a broken ankle or it's just sprained. Read this post, that's how... Ankle Fracture Symptoms: What Are They? - Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D. https://bit.ly/2NsbVWk


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